What can I do to maintain my patience?

I've never been the most tolerant person, but ever since joining the Navy, I've done a pretty good job maintaining a positive demeanor and ignoring the idiocies of my coworkers.

Despite my current successes there is a little bastard who possesses the most annoying Napoleon complex. He is constantly talking sh*t on my voice, appearance, lack of sexual experience, affluent family, etc. He can talk all he wants. The babble of inferior cretins has never bothered me.

However, today he threatened to steal my video games when we go on deployment. If he does this I might seriously murder him. I'm a really tranquil person unless someone messes with my food, sleep, or video games.

I'm just really scared I'll do something I'll regret should he go through with his threats. If I do any harm to him, I will almost certainly be dishonorably discharged, and then all of my life plans will be completely screwed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I know I gave a best answer already, but my problem still isn't solved. Please help :o
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Wait a second, wtf? I just realized this is in the sexuality section. Put this sh*t back in other like I had selected. GAG you are dumb.
What can I do to maintain my patience?
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