We wanna be together but who should be the one to move?

he wants me to move to NH but I want him to move to VT. if you ask me the states are the same just depends on what area your in. I'm from a small town and don't like latger city like places. just to crowded for me. I don't mind haveing to drive an hr to get some place. I'm going to school I'm a fire fighter and the department secritary. we are both in the guard for our respective states. I have a close group of friends and the fire department is like a second family to me. he lives at home and has a part time job that duz pay well and he gets good hrs. clames all of his friends jouined the military after hs and left so he has no one to hang out with. he clames the cost of living would be less and uses the cost of gas as an example. but I don't see how a $.08 dif per gal adds up. if I was to move I woule have to change schools give up the firedepartment leave my friends and give up my apartment. not to mention the cost to move my 2 cars and all my stuff and get another apartment.

i have told him that I do not wanna move because I don't feel that I would be happy and I would regret leaveing my home... so given that info what do you think we should do who shold be the one to move?
We wanna be together but who should be the one to move?
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