Why does he act different around me when guys are around?

It's like I don't even exist... well that's not it exactly lol

I am talking about my crush (a co-worker). He has given me a ton of signs that he likes me but there was something I was wondering about.

Why does he act differently around me when others are around? He is not nearly as interactive with me. When it is just us, he talks to me a lot, is flirty, teases me, jokes with me, makes me laugh. Never curses, always really nice and polite (unless he is playfully mean). He is always trying to make me laugh

But around others- he is not like this. He curses more, just the tone in his voice is different. The whole interaction we normally have (where he teases me and makes me laugh-- stops). The best way to put it is-- he acts like a GUY. ha ha I don't know how else to put it. it's like he's a whole different person. he doesn't ignore me, but he doesn't pay me as much attention. (let's call it "special" attention lol)

It's like we have this thing that only exists when it is just the two of us.

Could this be because he likes me and doesn't want others to catch on?

BC if he didn't like me-- why would he care about changing around me?
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he will act more vulgar around his friends. I've never heard him talk about other girls though
Why does he act different around me when guys are around?
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