Meeting a girl while at work? (gas station)

I work at the gas station as a cashier.

How would you react if I asked you for your number while you were there? :)

Also what would you think of a guy who works at the gas station?


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  • If you're charming it doesn't matter what your job is she'll be to busy hoping for your number :p

    • Ive heard from many girls that they would never consider dating someone who works at McDonald's lol... how bout gas station? :P

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  • At least you have a job and are trying! I don't know your whole life story, so I wouldn't necessarily judge you for that! and id be flattered!

    • I am just curious how prestigious does a job title cashier at the gas station sounds? :)

    • It sounds to me like you are trying to pay rent for an apartment and if it is at night, you have school during the day and are working hard on paying off tuition, thatd be my first assumption if you were well groomed and flirty.

What Guys Said 1

  • Remember there are no small jobs in this world, just small people. If you got the charm, do it.

    • not as easy as it sounds... got 20 secs to impress :)

    • Just be confident with your work. There are many losers who don't have a job, but they some how get women.