My sister is into young men

i really don't know how to state this but my sister is into young men like who are 3-8 years younger than her...she is 28 at the moment and she likes guys who are 18-23..i don't know if this is normal or not...but she is petite so mostly guys that age thinks she is younger and they hit on her...and I guess she likes the excitement those age range guys have...older men also interest her but they don't really like to go for her..she is pretty and all..i don't know what to do with her I am scared of her someone going through the same thing? is this normal? I am interested in older men not younger men...girls can you relate to this? and guys what makes you not show interest in girls like my sister? I don't know what she does to older guy that they lose interest in her...
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well okay not a pedophile but this is close enough...she is into young men and its bothering me..what if in future she gets with my man?

My sister is into young men
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