College Comedy Skit - Best Way to do it?

Hi everyone. I’m helping co-direct a short skit for an off-campus adult comedy show. The show will be seen mostly by students from our nearby college and all of the actors are from the school as well, so they are in the 18-21 age range for the most part.

Basically our skit will consist of a small adult comedy theme. During part of that routine, some of the actors will need to act as ‘strippers’ at a club. Here is the debate: For the skit, it doesn’t matter if it is the males that act as strippers with the females watching or if the females act as strippers with the males watching…but it has to be one way or the other for the skit to work and be comical. The ‘strippers’ will be down to their underwear and depending on how we do the skit, there may be a very short portion of nudity. Obviously this is an adult oriented show for college students 18+, so that is not a concern.

My co-director is insisting that we have the male actors do the ‘stripping’ with the female actors watching. She said it wouldn’t be appropriate and would only cause a problem to have young college girls in their underwear or possibly briefly nude in front of their male classmates and an audience of their classmates. She said it would only cause trouble and the ladies would be teased in class. She stated that guys are more open with this kind of thing and that there is not as much of a stigma on guys stripping down for something like this. She believes the ladies should keep their clothing on and we should have the males do the strip routing to their underwear or possible briefly nude.

I’m torn. Why does everyone feel would be best?

Just to add: I posted this on Yahoo too, but want to see what people here say, on yahoo I got these answers:

1. I agree with your co-director. Having female college students strip in front of their male peers will only cause problems. Plus if everyone in the audience knows them as well they would probably get some teasing back in class. I do agree that you should have the males do the stripping while the ladies watch. Even though the guys would be in their boxers or briefs, there isn’t as much of a stigma as you said.

Personally I think the best thing in something like this would be for the ladies to keep their clothing on and let the guys be the ones to bare their stuff for the sake of comedy. Women need privacy, especially with something like this where their fellow actors and classmates will know them.

2. It will be better for the guys to strip down because some people aren't comfortable with stripping down... Especially girls. They could be teased. I would find it more comical for a reverse situation than usual as guys as stripper( yes I know of magic mike- there are male stripper, but not in general thought of stripping).

3.Male strippers cause maybe some girlss will be teased or maybe be asked to have sex with them...maybe cause they will be considered 2 prevent this...let the males show thier big "D's" (:

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Thanks everyone for the answers so far. It seems like everyone agrees that having the guys be the strippers is the best idea since having the ladies strip down in front of their classmates isn't really appropriate or safe.

I'd like to keep hearing opinions if anyone else wants to chime in.

But it looks like the best idea is for the guys to act as the strippers, that way the ladies can keep all their clothing on. Plus, the girls get a nice little show from the guys. :)

I'll chime back in again
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Thanks,It seems like everyone mostly agreed.After talking it over with everyone...we will do as suggested.The guys will be the ones to strip their clothes off. The ladies will stay fully clothed the whole time.We felt it was most appropriate this way, so the girls can stay modest, keep their privacy and not be teased and all that.The guys will strip to their boxers/briefs and for a short period of time with dim lights, those will come off also.So the guys will bare their man parts for the ladies
College Comedy Skit - Best Way to do it?
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