I think he likes me but I don't know how to react...I didn't date till I was 16?

I went to his sister's birthday party (he was there of course) and near the end of the party we were watching a movie and I sat next to his sister on the couch. When his sister got up to turn up the volume, he came and lightly put his toes on mine, then sat next to me and took her spot. Our legs kept touching and stuff lol but I didn't say anything. Then we were all talking about some hilarious stuff about him and then he turned looked at me and said "none of this is true" with a smile and I smiled back and said "yea, right(sarcastically)". People started to leave and I stayed a while with a few other people. Then I said that I asked my parents to pick me up so I had to go. When I got up he followed me towards the door, and naturally his sister then came. I said good-bye and we had a lot of eye-contact. I found it interesting because he didn’t follow anyone else who left to the door but yea.

-he has put both of his feet on my heels when he was sitting behind me for like 5 seconds

-his sister keeps telling me he has a six pack

-he says he wants to marry a boxer (of any kind) and I do kickboxing

-he also asked me to touch his hair because it is soft lol but I didn't because I had to go

***There was a dance and the first song was girl's choice (so girls need to choose a guy to dance with for a slow song) and girls started picking the guys. The guy I have a crush on became by himself since guys around him were asked to dance. He started to walk to a corner (aww lol) so I went up to him and said "I want to dance with you :)" and we did <3 we talked while we were slow dancing and he really likes the fact I do kickboxing. Then at the end he spun me around once (I was so happy as you could probably imagine haha). Then I said "thank you :)" and went back to my friends as his friends were coming back to him. I also danced with a different guy and he hugged me at the end of the slow song. Then I saw both of them talking and slightly looking over at me? I also made a lot of eye-contact with my crush today :D

Today his sister's (12 years old) foot started to become really numb and she started crying because she said it hurts really bad. I was washing dishes in the kitchen by myself (everyone ate lunch together during a meeting thing) and I got her to sit down. I grabbed a huge pot and filled it with warm water and place her foot in it while massaging it. Then my crush came in and saw me taking care of his younger sister and thanked me then he was talking to his sister about her foot. His father then came to take her so we both dried her feet and he told me how nice I was to do that for her. I said "you're welcome :)" and he washed the huge pot while I finished off washing the dishes. **What would you think if a girl took care of your younger sister? It isn't weird right? lol thanks guys :)

I think he likes me but I don't know how to react...I didn't date till I was 16?
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