I am curious about Islam, can someone answer these questions please?

1) If the Quran was mean't to be for the whole world, then why is it if you are lucky enough to be in the minority of the world that speak arabic are you not able to get the true message of God? (i'm not Christian but the central message of christianity is that Jesus died for your sins and it transends any language, the central message is the same)

2) Why did Allah create the worlds largest religion? if anything, I thought he would have made islam the worlds largest religion if it were true. allah created christianity by people believing that jesus christ died for them and were so convinced that the followers of christ were willing to let themselves die rather than denie their religion. it was allah who deceived the followers of christ and therefore allah that caused this religion to grow.

3) why is islamic paradise a place a place filled with alcohol rivers when you aren't allowed to drink alcohol as a Muslim on earth?

4) why was muhammad allowed the special privelage of having 11 plus wifes while his followers are only allowed 4?

5) why are Muslims who die as martyrs in islam killing the infidel give a special privaledage of 72 eternal virgins with swelling breasts and pale skin and an eternal hard on for eternity. doesn't this suggest that there is a better feeling within heaven than heaven itself and you would be unfulfilled without them? where is the privalage for women?

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2) to be clear on the second point. in islam it is widely believed according to the surah from the quran that "jesus did not really die, but it was made to appear to them" allah deceived the followers of christ into believing he died and this was what caused the offshoot of christianity from it. if allah had made it clear to the followers of christ that it was not really jesus that died then we would not have christianity and it wouldn't have exploded as it did
I am curious about Islam, can someone answer these questions please?
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