How to 'win' the popular girl's heart?

There is a girl in my club who is very popular because she is really really pretty, she looks like a doll. All guys are talking to her. She does talk to me, we get along and I am not too shy or anything, and sometimes I feel like she's looking deep into my eyes, but when I think about how popular she is, how many guys would like to be with her etc. I feel like I know this situation already. Boy sees beautiful girl. Boy imagines things. Beautiful girl is not interested in being anything more than a friend.

How can I make the difference? I have her number but I feel like everybody has her number. What can I do?
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I feel like my message was really shallow: this girl is, obviously, not just beautiful. Her personality makes all the difference and that's why I like her, but her looks make it really really easy for guys to like her.
How to 'win' the popular girl's heart?
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