A question about "mutual" break ups

hi everyone,

i have a question about "mutual" break ups.

my girlfriend and I of 16 months called it quits a week or so ago.

the last day we were together we spoke for several hours about our relationship and realized we didn't get along like we used to. we were growing apart.

while this conversation was very civil it seemed like we were in the same boat about the relationship -- that it was best for us to break up.

however, when it came down to it I was the one that said "its probably best we break up" or whatever. however, to me this seemed like a mutual break up since you obviously can't both break it off at the same time.

we both agreed that there would be a chance we could get back together and if we felt that things could be worked out we should eventually iron out the kinks. right now we just needed time away. also, I will be away for 4 weeks to a trip in europe so this probably didn't help.

anyway, I was just told she is now dating someone now.

i am kind of sad by this and a lot of my friends are saying "well you broke up with her, why should you care?"

well it seemed fairly mutual to me.

is it possible that she doesn't feel this way?

that it wasn't mutual and I ended it?

and she's just with this guy to be less lonely because I broke it off?

i mean the only thing I did was "officially" end it.

but we seemed to be on the same page.

i want to be with her, but I think we need time away and need to reevaluate everything and talk about where we are if we get back together.

however, this boyfriend thing doesn't help...

please let me know your thoughts

thanks for the help

A question about "mutual" break ups
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