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Do you think horseback riding is effeminate?

Equestrian sports tend to be largely female dominated (at least at amateur levels) and often I feel like boys tend to quit riding as they are made fun of for being ‘gay’ or ‘sissies’ (not to offend but nobody likes being miscast), and I’m just curious as to why. I’ve been riding for ever and I don’t see why you’d call anyone riding a thousand pound animal a sissy. I know most guys wouldn’t care to ride, but at the same time I feel like the guys that do want to, still avoid it due to this stigma that riding is effeminate (this counts for other sports too such as figure skating, dancing etc.).
PS same goes for girls in more male oriented sports but perhaps less ever since this whole “equality” movement started that tells us we can do whatever men can apparently ✨
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Do you think horseback riding is effeminate?
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