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Should baseball games in the regular season go past 12 innings?

I looked up a stat that showed a 1984 game played in Chicago between the White Sox and Brewers lasted 25 innings and took over 8 hours to finish that were started on May 8th 1984 and ended May 9th 1984 with a final score of White Sox 7, Brewers 6 as the White Sox scored the winning run in the bottom of the 25th inning.


It got me to thinking that since the NFL only plays 1 overtime in regular season games and it's possible to have NFL ties, although it's only a 1 in 300 chance, shouldn't baseball games have a 12 or 15 maximum innings limit for regular seasons and allow for the possibility of ties? Who cares if a baseball team goes 94-63-5. 5 freaking ties in a 162 game schedule would not hurt you. In Japanese baseball leagues, they play a maximum of 12 innings in regular season and 15 games in playoff games, except for the winner take all game 5s or game 7s, where you must have an advancement.

Personally I think it's foolish to play more than 12 innings as it wears out pitching staffs and players for the next day or game. Player safety is more important than playing to a winner. Sure, we want winners and losers but it is not a must. There is no shame is a tie game. I can easily shake my opponent's hands and realize that on that day, neither of us were the better team. I hate the avoid ties at all costs approach. I know you want to avoid them when you can but sometimes you just need to accept them.
Yes, play a maximum of 15 innings tho
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No, maximum of 12 innings seems most fair
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Yes, play until there is a winner, regardless of fatigue and injury risk
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No, baseball should be a 9 inning game regardless if score is still tied
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Should baseball games in the regular season go past 12 innings?
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