GGG Vs Canelo alvarez?

First of all I have to say this
"f*** you boxing Federation"
Because ggg has clearly won the boxing match.

According to you,
who won the match?
  • GGG Vs Canelo alvarez?GGG
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  • GGG Vs Canelo alvarez?Canelo Alvarez
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  • It was a tough call, but the in recent time the point of the game is the money not who is the best fighter.
    Maidana vs mayweather clearly show us that.

    Let me tell you this, in its prime canalo would have been knock the f out by GGG, it was a reality if canelo wanted to beat GGG he had to do it when GGG was older and at the point of retirement. And they did, they waited years and then finally happen. But, seems like canelo was using some sketchy stuff in the first fight because he looked like the bigger guy which is odd since he was suppose to be the smaller contender naturally. Anyways the first fight was even, perhร bs GGG won by less than a point but everyone was happy with a draw.

    The canelo team was like, you know what we can't beat this guy yet. We are gonna use so illigal stuff then we get a ban from fighting and we let GGG gets older. 1 year later, finally came canelo vs GGG 2.

    In this fight GGG looked slower and more aged but still showed he was the boss. He didn't backed down from canelo and kept fighting his style. The fight went even again. Problem was the last round. In that round canelo looked slightly better and the fight when to canelo. Anyone who was ask why canelo won, they will tell you. The fight was exactly the same as the first one, the difference here was that we asked canelo to go forward and not run and he did.

    GGG was pissed off and he should be that should of have been a draw. But he didn't sweat it because he knew there will be a 3rd fight. Now we know canelo is the maywether of the sport at the moment so a victory for him was going to be beneficial to Vegas.
    GGG team knows this so if there is a 3rd they don't want it to be in Las Vegas and don't want no influence meaning it will win the best fighter not what the influence s want. GGG is clearly the best fighter, 8 years older and is still whooping canelos a**, sadly it is unlikely for him to win the third fight because of his age. But we will see, miracles happen as it did in Pacman vs Marquez 4.

    Here is the link to the full fight:

    Here is the link of Teddy atlas comments on canelo vs GGG 2 (big boxing business knows who will win before the fight even start.)

    • You know what, I have watch the fight 2 times more since the original time and dame.

      And you know what, yea I am with you.
      F* the boxing federation. Before I was a draw-canelo but now I believe is a draw-ggg.

      The first round were ok canelo won them. The middle rounds were even but on the last rounds GGG handed a whooping to canelo.
      It is a draw, but if they wanted to pick a winner it should of have been GGG.

      Canelo gave the most powerful punches but GGG connected the most punches. And sincerely, GGG was not gonna be knocked down even canelo corner told him that. But canelo went against the ropes once and slip as well so can we really took those powerful punches as a sing of victory?

      If it went to 15 rounds, GGG would of have knocked canelo out. GGG was getting tired but canelo was blacking out from the beating in the last rounds.

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  • I think GGG should have had that, even though he was the older boxer, there was twice he had Canelo a little fazed and showed so much heart but both boxers really gave a good fight. Canelo's eye though lol

  • Didn't watch it but I heard canelo was superior. That's just what I heard

  • the taco man won, ew


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