What's your best team sport experience?

Whats your best team sport experience?
I'm in a volleyball team atm and it's so great. I love the people we have a great team atmosphere and team spirit. We're having our most successful season right now right when I joined we could win the championship in the second league in our Kanton which is like a state in the U. S. There's national league A and B (with pro players) then first league and then second league. If we win the championship we can play promotional games to go to first league which is high level.

I try and always give a lot for the team I'm new so I can't play in the games all the time and I still struggle with some things. I played mostly beach volleyball before and my attack was working great there but indoor it hasn't been working well yet. I'mhaving trouble with the speed and the timing and distance etc. But even when I'm on the bench I feel super happy when we're doing well :). We always cheer really loudly and demoralise the opponent, I bang on the wall or whatever I can find that's loud to mae even more noise.

I like just going to practise even if I could never play I'd still go :). But I've been able to gain some experience on the field this season and it was nice. My defense is good now I had some struggles with it in the beginning but I'm happy with it now. Blocking is also getting better and better now I just have to get the attacking right and then I'll be in good shape.

The first half of the season was an amazing experience and tomorrow we start the second half. I've been in teams before but none of them have had this close of a bond and this much passion I'm really greatful to be in this team.
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What's your best team sport experience?
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