Will the Nurses let me watch the whole Super Bowl?

So, most of you know I'm in the hospital on strict bed rest until babies are born. And many are aware they keep taking my phone away from me. I must stay completely calm basically emotionless, I feel like I'm already setting my children up for a life struggle about emotions (that's a whole other topic)...

Anyhow, I ❀ American 🏈, and today is the Super Bowl, the Biggest Game of the Year!!! The New England Patriots are not in it this year so the chances of me getting agitated are like non-existent. I ❀ both Teams so it should be a πŸ™Œ,πŸ™Œ , πŸ™Œ, πŸ™Œ game. However, even getting happily excited gets my phone taken away... My monitors and the Fetal monitors make a bunch of noise at the Nurses Station and they come running in and take my phone and or turn off the TV...

My family and Friends have a different kind of Super Bowl Pool going on when the Nurses are going to shut down the game? My Husband chose during the National Anthem, he knows me so well I cry during the National Anthem everytime... I may not even see kick-off... So what do you GaGgers think?
National Anthem is taking you out
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Kick-off something will happen and you're going to go nuts
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First Quarter, too much excitement
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Half-Time Show you get Disgusted year after with the Half-Time Show, Please go back to Marching Bands
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Third Quarter, the anticipation is mounting
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Two-Minute Warning Game is Tied Monitors blew up Nurses and Doctors come running in with Life-Support Team
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End of Game Celebration, you did you Sucked the Nurses into the Game
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+1 y
Teams playing today are AFC Champs Kansas City Chiefs Season Record 12-4
Playoff Record 2-0
San Francisco 49ers
Season Record 13-3
Playoff Record 2-0

Now 49ers have an Awesome Defense but tge Chiefs have a Dynamic Offense.

I'm leaning slightly toward tge Chiefs because its been 50 Years since they've been to the Big Dance and Won the 49ers have 5 Lombardi Trophies... So since I'm a Bills Jill always go for the team that has less Trophies...
+1 y
Yeah, as usual I got emotional with the Anthem. But their letting me continue for now. Two Nurses, a Nurses Aide, and Resident are hanging out with us watching it to keep a close eye on me.
Will the Nurses let me watch the whole Super Bowl?
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