Does every sport HATE the disabled?

Yes. The Ufc should allow a 4 year old blind girl in a wheel chair to fight connor mcgreggor. If you disagree, you're a sexist, ablest, agest, heightest, biggot!
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Yes. REPRESNTATION MATTERS! I can't think of 1 time people in wheel chairs played in the nfl on a team NOT ONE!!!
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Yes. Blind pitchers with no arms AND no legs should be allowed in professional baseball. They can "identify" the ball being thrown.
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No. Sjws aka democrats are stupid.
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Obviously when i say "sports hating". I mean to say the persons who are involved. Under that same reasoning the kkk can't hate because the kkk isn't a living creature.
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The sports that exist FOR the disabled do not allow non disabled persons to compete. Its "Separate but equal". Like jim crow!
Does every sport HATE the disabled?
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