To pro fight fans and sport fans?

If a fighter is knocked down and badly hurt, gets back up within 5 seconds but looks badly hurt, confused and isn't responding to the referee questions being asked if he's alright twice, and its literally 5 seconds away (The referee isn't aware of how much time is left) from winning the fight, is the referee justified in stopping the fight in the best interest of the hurt fighter or should he use a bit of discretion and let the fighter fight the last 2 seconds of the last round in a championship fight?

Meldric Taylor fought his heart, guts and soul out to try to be the Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez who had an unbelievable perfect 68-0 record at that point.

Taylor was clearly winning the whole fight with superior speed, quickness combo punches til the very last round til it went south for him and he got badly hurt by Chavez's blow to the face. The referee stopped the fight after Taylor didn't respond to his question if he's "alright" twice.This is a highlight clip round by round til the referee stopped the fight. If you're a fan of boxing I highly recommend to watch the whole epic fight.
To pro fight fans and sport fans?
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I might add Taylor can fight his butt off. Very good hand speed, feet movement and good chin.
To pro fight fans and sport fans?
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