I want to fight in MMA. Anyone know anything about joining a league?

I realize I'm older than most people are when they fight professionally, and I should have done this 20 years ago, but I want to see how good I really am and see if I can still beat 20 years old Second Degree Black Belts in a real fight.

Professor Rafael, the instructor over the regional Gracie United Jiu Jitsu dojos said he will not sanction me to fight unless I get a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu. He doesn't comprehend that I can tap out his second degree black belts effortlessly, I know because I was a student there two years ago and they never could tap me out, and I could tap them any time I wanted to. He's never seen me fight and thinks his blue belts are better than my 3rd Degree Brown belt. The only reason I never got a black belt is because I suck at memorizing kata. I used to win a 1vs2 handicap match in full contact against two second degree black belts, so I really fight at 3rd degree black belt skill level.

I am still about 7.5 pounds heavier than my target weight. I want to be either barely 185 and fight welterweight, or be 184 pounds and fight Middleweight, I might be able to cut weight to 180 even, but at this point I think getting below 180 is probably not happening short of literally starving myself,

I still have a 600 foot pound punch, which is above average for a Middile weight or welterweight fighter, even though I'm 39 years old and past my prime. I know because I tested it on a force meter. My right thrust kick is still very strong, and I still have lightning fast reflexes.

I know over 1000 unique submissions, and still know 40 or so well enough to put them on another black belt caliber fighter, I've never seen UFC fighters use anything I wasn't taught on my first day in Submissions class as a white belt.

I am in touch with the administrators of several MMA organizations to see what they say. I hope they won't judge me by the fact i'm 39 years old, 40 and 50 years olds win professional fights all the time..
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I did some google searching. I live in Louisiana, and there are only two upcoming events in Louisiana for one of the leagues I've seen information on. There are not a lot of regional leagues in my area, but I'm willing to drive several hours or whatever to fight, especially since I already know the prize money even for unranked fighters is really worth it. I could use some extra cash, and $1000 prize every week for an entry level fight is pretty good prize money.
I want to fight in MMA. Anyone know anything about joining a league?
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