Could Dennis Rodman defend Shaquille Oneil?

If they played one another in their prime with no hand-check like the Pete Marivich era rules and like the "new" rules are "supposed to be officiated" could Rodman hold Shaq to just 25 to 30 points per game, instead of Shaq just running the score up like he did against everyone else?

Only other center in the history of basketball who might pull that off is Wilt Chamberlain, but it's hard to compared the 3vs3 era with the 5vs5 era.

for the Poll, this is "Bulls three-peat era Rodman vs Shaq's best season." and again, "No hand checking" is the rule and we assume the officials enforce the rules.
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Unfortunatley, it's impossible to compare Wilt Chamberlain's stats to Shaq or Rodman, because if you have a "once in a generation" Center in the 3vs3 era, his stats are going to get loaded, because he only needs to beat 3 other players on each half of the court. So Wilt Chamberllain LOOKS like the best or second best offensive player ever, AND the best or second best defensive player ever. Hard to say for sure though.
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Kareem would be an interesting matchup too, but I don't think he was a goo ddefensively as Rodman, but Shaq wouldn't be able to get inside jumpers against either of them, and half of his dunk attempts will get stuffed too.
Could Dennis Rodman defend Shaquille Oneil?
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