A Non-lethal instant self defense technique from Isshinryu Karate. What do you think?

This is an Isshinryu self defense technique for defense vs two attackers.

Attacker one leads with a right hook OR a right overhand haymaker. We high circle block this with open hand and control his arm, pinning his elbow under our own left elbow. Meanwhile we are blocking any hook punches that come from their left arm with our own right, and we throw a few Palm Heel strikes to the nose here. (We are now inside his standing guard, and have front arm control). Keep attacker 1's body between yourself and attacker 2. To finish attacker 1 we gouge his eye (either one) with our middle finger and index finger reinforcing one another, and we grip the Orbital bone at the base of the eye. This is one of the weakest bones in the human anatomy. Our thumb is used to penetrate deep under the Jaw, and we squeeze the two fingers and thumb together with all of our might. This breaks the orbital bone and dislocates the Jaw, and they are incapacitated. This can be done in about 2 seconds flat with practice.

This is why Sports is Sports and Street Fighting is Street fighting. IN a street fight, I can MAIM my attackers with non-lethal force and beat anybody in 10 seconds or less.

In Jiujitsu and MMA, those moves are banned so Sports is not Valid Self Defense.

In terms of self defense, a woman needs to learn as many dirty moves as humanly possible which must work while standing up, so she has a chance against two men attacking her (Gang Rape, and yes, Isshinryu women have successfully defeated two male attackers and lived to tell about it).

First option of run away.
Second is stand and fight, but fight dirty: Eye gouges, groin kicks, knee kicks, etc, break a bone or two if necessary. Grappling on the Ground doesn't do this against two people, because second person clubs you in the back of the head, and again that's my only gripe with Jiujitsu is the moves wouldn't actually help much in a real street fight.
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Keep in mind there's a certain context here. For women's self defense, when a purple belt woman throws a palm-heel to the nose, it will break a man's nose. When a Brown belt woman throws the same strike, it can potentially kill a man. It's an upward thrust with the heel of the palm at a 45 degree upward angle, and can potentially send bone fragments into the assailants brain.

This is not WWE, you don't get back up from correctly executed Karate strikes to vital targets.
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Like I don't even know why they allow Palm Heel strikes in the UFC, I could kill someone in 5oz globs with a palm heel strike, as the glove has no padding palm side, and the tape would only make that easier for reinforcing the wrist. I'm a 3rd degree Brown Belt in a striking style, so cracking someone's nose and sending them to an ambulance with a 600-800 pound palm heel would be nothing.
A Non-lethal instant self defense technique from Isshinryu Karate. What do you think?
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