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What do you think about the gymnastics of Romania?

So many medals at Olimpic Games, European and World Cup championsips.
So many huge records.
The only nation who ever succed to acive perfection in 1976 (perfect 10 at 5 equipment)
First and only country who succed to take place 1,2 and 3 in 2000
Simona Amanar 29 medals
Nadia Comaneci 27 medals
Romania succed thil 2012 to have at last 1 person on the podium (place 1,2,3) evry edition of any competition.
The investment in to a Olimpic medal for Romania come around 21.000 $ (The cheapest in this sport)Romania take all medals (place 1,2 and 3) Sideny 20001# Catalina Ponor 2004
3# Alexandra Eremia from yares 1970 this today Romania is one of the top country in this sport.
In 2016 because of many reson Romania didn't participate in this sport. It whas a shok that ever CNN and BBC talk about it.
As a small and poor nation Romania succed for 4 decades to keep up at the same level of performance whit nation like USA, Russia/USSR, China and many others.
What do you think about Romania reputation in this sport.
What do you think about the gymnastics of Romania?
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