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Thoughts on the Antonio Brown incident?

So many people are so quick to judge someone without all facts. There are always 2 sides to all stories.

We know Brown is a troubled person, not taking that away.

However this is not something new.

Could Brown be lying possibly, could Brown be telling the truth possibly however this goes deeper than Brown.

This has been happening forever in sports.

When did we stop thinking of a player as a person and nothing more than a source of entertainment to use until they are no longer able to live a healthy life.

If you don't know the story Brown removed his Jersey in the middle of the game and quit.

Nobody knew the reason, until Brown Released a statement saying he had an ankle injury, he was told he needs to take a very powerful and dangerous painkiller and play before the game. He took it, and he played.
3rd quarter he said it hurt too much and couldn't go back out.
The head coach threatened him if he didn't he would cut him.
Brown made his decision he put his health as a priority.
MRI revealed 2 broken bones and a torn ligament.

He was expected to risk ending his career for 1 single game.

I don't see anything else he could have done if this is the story
Thoughts on the Antonio Brown incident?
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