Robots WILL Replace us All... Will Socialism Save Us?

Flippy the burger flipper is being utilized in California. An autonomous cleaning robot is already replacing humans inside Wal-Marts. Machines that pull stock and put orders together are already being used.

Some manufacturing plants in China have seen 90% of their workforce replaced by robots. Self-driving semi-trucks are already on the road. Self-driving cars are on the road.

AI is so good that it will replace call center workers. Computer programs can now write news articles in such a way that you'd never know it was written by a computer.

Surgeons will be replaced by machines soon. Industrial-scale 3d printing is already in action and is replacing manufacturing (even metals, etc.). Robots can now weld better than humans.

So we're losing doctors, journalists, truck drivers, taxi drivers, manufacturing jobs, welders, and we're soon to lose call center workers, accountants, tax specialists, bank tellers, retail clerks, baristas (yes, there's a robot that makes your coffee), bartenders, and just about everything else.

No jobs = no money = ?

I believe one of two things will happen: 1) the people of the globe will come together and demand that a minimum income be implemented in order for humans to continue creating art, music, etc without fear of starvation, or 2) the oligarchs of the world enslave humans for whatever they want.

Keep in mind, also, that scientists now know how to create synthetic sperm and synthetic eggs and can birth a child outside of a womb. That means that even men and women will become an unnecessary thing for the continuation of life.

Sounds to me like conglomerates may even create their own fleet of human-slaves while making it illegal to be a naturally-born human. Far-fetched, I know, but given what we can do, it isn't outside the realm of possibility.

So, the basic question is: will socialism save us or will we be killed off by the oligarchs of the world?
Robots WILL Replace us All... Will Socialism Save Us?
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