Should I get my daughter and her girlfriend the iPhone xs or the iPhone xs max?

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  • Why such an expensive phone?

    To do what with? just call, and text and make videos and take pics?

    Will she use all the options of that phone like FTS, Cloud, Remote Control, synchronization, etc etc? lol ;)

  • Neither they are overpriced. Go and save some money and buy only your duaghter a phone and not a overpriced Iphone. I'd be very economical if I were you. Don't wanna spoil them too much either. Get her maybe a Iphone 8 if she literally needs an iphone (Dunno teens/kids are weird) or go the economical and cheaper/smarter way and find a good Android value phone she won't have to pay itunes on it and shit...

    • Okay android sucks and is not overpriced.

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    • I actually got settings for my battery mode so I dont lose performance? Just puts apps to sleep still rocking 2K on my battery save mode so.. My grandparents use Android they think its more simple than iOs. Dunno how that came to be actually...

    • Not sure how that makes any sense
      A device that requires more fine tuning by the user and a device that does more is simpler than a device that does less?

      How does that even make sense? Lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • that's too much money...
    an iphone 7 is better.
    don't want them getting spoiled...
    31-15 = 16..
    wow, preggers at 16.
    good job..
    your daughter must be a hoe lol

    • I like spilling my kid.
      Wow really? Why u rude?

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    • Use your brain please🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    • @SarahVanRensburg I am.
      Just breaking it down for you

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