Is it even worth trying to use Reddit if you’re a new user?

it seems like you have to be there awhile first in order to post, and earn your right to post things. Apparently there’s spam filters that remove new user posts or the mods there do it manually.

i just asked a basic question, but it seems like too much trouble to go through? Didn’t think there would be an initiation process.


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  • Did you include a link, because a friend of mine posted a question here and it was removed also. Even though they say we can post links when we get a certain level, I've noticed a few posts with the link missing. Other forums like Teen Hut and Teen Online seem to be better. I haven't had too much trouble with Reddit but I don't use it as much as GAG.

    • 6 d ago

      No I didn’t do links. I even followed their guidelines.

      Argh never mind, I think Reddit is bad for newbies lol

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