Why do they want me to use WhatsApp so bad?

So like any other girl in the internet, I occasionally get the r/creepydms type messages, especially from Indian dudes. It usually starts with a casual hi and quickly goes down hill with spamming comments before I turn them down, which is when they either attempt to change my mind or turn to the insults.

But, recently I've noticed a common trend. They all want to know my WhatsApp. I don't use it, so when I let them know I don't have one they tend to try to convince me to make one. I'd understand if we were currently on an app that had a terrible messaging system, but this is on apps like Instagram where the messaging isn't that bad. Yet all of these people try so hard to get me to download it.

So what's the deal? I know WhatsApp it self is safe (I think) so I wonder if it's easier to scam or do other things on there. I know that you have to put in your number and that they can get your real number that way, but it is also so easy to just use a fake one. Is there any other reasons you guys know of?
Why do they want me to use WhatsApp so bad?
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