Did my ex hack my phone or am I going crazy?

I broke up with my ex a few months ago and I think he may have done something to my phone. He was a very manipulative person and it was an unhealthy, emotionally abusive relationship. I got the phone when we were living together but when I moved out I started noticing I was getting calls from unknown numbers and normally I wouldn’t think anything of this. That’s if didn’t get them ONLY when I am away from my phone and my phone is usually always at my hip. I only get them when I’m at home, I’ll be totally immersed on my phone, I go get a snack and pick up my phone to a missed call 5 minutes later. Other weird things have been happening also like It has trouble connecting, pics and videos are missing and a few apps were deleted from my purchase history when that’s not even supposed to happen. What’s really trippy is the continuous calls at get right when I get off of it! I don’t know if someone’s messing with me or if it’s the phone. I’ve looked through so many articles online about phone hacking but nothing matches up. I think maybe I should just get a new phone. Am I being too crazy?
Did my ex hack my phone or am I going crazy?
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