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1. Do you still use your cable box or do you just use like Netflix/Hulu/Etc?
2. Whats your top 3 fave classic cars?
3. Do you still listen to radio when in the car OR do you use your phone for music?
4. Do you mostly use internet on pc/phone?
5. Do you take more selfies or random pics of other stuff?
6. Do you prefer driving yourself or riding shotgun or taking pub transport/taxi/uber?
7. Do you still buy physical copies of CDs/DVDs or do you prefer to download/stream music?
8. Do you watch online or go to theater?
9 Do you still buy physical copies of games or download the digital copy?
10. Do you watch the news on tv or do you wait for articles on your email/social media
11. Do you prefer glasses or contacts?
12. Do you prefer to hold the phone to your ear or use headphones/bluetooth?
13. Which do you prefer more, to cook stovtop, ovenbake, microwave?
14. Dine in, carryout/to-go, or cook at home?
15. Do you prefer to read the road signs or use a map, car gps, or phone gps?
16. Do you still know anyones phone number by heart or just press the contact?
17. Do you prefer to park or have it valet?
18. Do you like to figure out math in your head or use a calculator?
19. Do you prefer to check time on your wristwatch, wallclock, car, tv, or phone?
20. Do you apply for jobs online or in person
21. Do you prefer writing or typing?
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Feel Free to Take This Random Survey Below?
11 mo
1. cable/Netflix? Cable
2. 3 fave classic? Camaro, charger, cuda
3. radio/phone music? Radio
4. internet on pc/phone? Phone
5. selfies/random pics? Random
6. driving/shotgun/pubtransport? Shotgun/uber
7. physical CDs or download/stream? Physical
8. Online/theater? Theater
9. Physical games
10. news articles
11. Glasses
12. Hold the phone
13. Microwave/fast
14. Carryout
15. Road signs
16. Press contact
17. Park
18. Calculator
19. Phonetime
20. Apply online
21. Handwriting
Feel Free to Take This Random Survey Below?
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