Do these features on (newer) cars drive anyone else COMPLETELY INSANE?

I don't know shit about cars, or car features in general, ... hell I can barely tell you what kind (or brand) a car was even after I just was driven in it! Anyway, there are a few features I HATE about new cars, but 2 features in particular, make me want to SCREAM & SCREAM, and go STRANGLE whomever thought they were a good idea. It makes me sound like an old crazy person bitching about 'back in the old days' -- but these things were straight forward (back in the day) and you could directly control both of the two features listed below:

1) WHEN SHIFTING INTO PARK, ALL THE DOORS UNLOCK -- What the fuck? This makes me crazy. Just because I'm putting into park, why wold the car assume I want all the doors open, all at once, EVERY TIME!

2) AUTO LIGHTS -- EXTERIOR (RUNNING) LIGHTS & INTERIOR LIGHTS -- Ughhh!! This is a complicated one, and I realize it varies from car to car, but in general, newer cars light up LIKE A FUCKING X-MAS TREE if you unlock it, get near it, or god forbid, open a door! I mean the computer screen thing, every single dashboard light, the whole thing lights up so bright you can see it from space -- it is as bright as an AMPM at 3am, or a prison-yard searchlight!
Similarly, the exterior lights on my current car, and previous one, you can't control the auto-lights, they come on full blast, no matter what, whether or not you want them on -- robbing me of being anything other than conspicuous! What if I wanted to sit for a min. car running, waiting for somebody, and was trying to be DISCREET with only my parking lights on? - Nope! - What if I don't want to blind the guy in front of me at a drive-thru? - Nope! - If engine is on, every damn light must be on, (I'm assuming for 'safety's sake" blasting into the darkness! -- It pisses me off not to be able to control these things. OR if you unlock the car! WHY do the headlights come on if I only want to unlock the door to get something out of the car?
What do you think? Any issues drive you mad or nuts?
Do these features on (newer) cars drive anyone else COMPLETELY INSANE?
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