Best control and why?

The best controller to use, the GOD, the superior is!!! Mouse and keyboard
because of the spacing, accuracy, the speed, the flow of the whole concept is perfect, the placing, the dynamic placing of every key is very unique that has became unbeatable.

Second! Xbox controller because of the placing of the sticks and the rest of the shape and the shift dynamics are very agronomical and fits in hands perfectly and i can play hours without having any issues with it. But it's not even close to mouse and keyboard.

Last! Sony Play station controller. I have not much to compare, it's small, the shifts and sticks placing and dynamics are not as good, stiff, and even the latest PS5 controller's shape almost looks like the xbox controller and there is a reason. I have been playing on PS since the first came out and until date, the controller are my only complaint.

What's your and why?
Best control and why?
Mouse and keyboard
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Best control and why?
Play station controller
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Best control and why?
Xbox controller
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Best control and why?
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