What to do about my job?

I am the only POC person of color at my job. I did well at my job from previous experience at a financial institution. I have experienced prejudice at my job they don’t pay much as other financial institutions because they are small. However, I was told for the past 90 days the health benefits are great. Today was my 90th day my hr associate sent me my benefit sign up form with no insurance catalog. I asked for the catalog and it’s my good insurance is only one type of insurance plan which is an HMO plan with a $1500 deductible. I am pissed after the way I have been treated and I show up on time and do my job exceptionally well. And that what they had to offer me. I updated my resume and starting to apply for jobs today. I never experienced a job and that treated me like this it’s very hurtful.
What to do about my job?
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