Social media detox?

So I've been on an emotional rollercoaster with online friends. (Don't have friends in real life tbh). As far as them liking all of my pictures and being on my snapchat stories but can't even bother to message or respond to a message I been sent. But can be active. It makes it feel like I'm being ignored

So I thought of doing a social media detox and cleaning up my accounts. I have 4 options

1 Should I deactivate my accounts again and take a break

2 Should I go through my accounts and remove people

3 Should I start over making new accounts

4 Confront these people about the situation and how I feel

Just tired of the fake and superficialness of it. I feel like my mental health is more important

I'm thinking the third option. But what do you think
Social media detox?
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