Am I being spied on by the staff where I live?

I live in a house that's for single moms. The stag work here daily. They accidentally left the door to this room they always lock open and when they left work the wifi went out. While looking for the router to reset it we stumbled upon the unlocked room and decided to snoop..

Inside the room there was a closet that was also usually locked but not this time.. we opened it and found the router.. along with a computer. We decided to turn the monitor on what we saw freaked us out. It was surveillance of the outside of the entire property but the weirdest part was the last two which said room 7 and room 8 but they were black and said "video lost".

We then went further into the closet and found a list in the wall by all of the wires and cords that said 1. Living room 2. Kitchen so on and so forth but then 7 master bedroom and 8 den... Those are our rooms.

There was no mouse to the computer which we found strange.

I went downstairs and was cooking and ended up finding something. I found a mouse hidden in a cupboard connected into the wall through a hole that had been drilled. The mouse was taped to the wall.

I told my roommate to go watch the monitor upstairs and sure enough when I moved the mouse downstairs it moved upstairs.

Any idea what the hell is going on? Are they watching us or are we being paranoid?
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Staff not stag sorry I'm very tired and stressed from this probably tons of typos
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Also, at the panel switch in the wall room 1,3 and 8 (my room) were plugged into a recording machine which had it's own separate internet router.
Am I being spied on by the staff where I live?
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