Have you switched to Signal yet?

Recently Signal has seen a huge increase in users signing up and abandon WhatsApp because WhatsApp admitted, that the data of it's users will be shared to Facebook. And on top of it, the end users cannot disable it. It is enforced by their software.

Basically WhatsApp has been doing this since they were bought by Facebook and people didn't care. It was until WhatsApp actually pushed an update to their anti-privacy policies, that WhatsApp sends the collected data from the users and it's devices to Facebook and links it. These data are so valuable, that other third party companies pay Facebook money to get these data, that you, the end user, have no control over.


Have you switched to Signal yet?
I've been on Signal even before the recent WhatsApp anti-privacy policy updates (and i thought people don't care about their privacy? how come they switch now?).
I was on Signal before 2021
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Have you switched to Signal yet?
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