Do you think anyone could compete with iPhone/Apple?

After seeing them reign vengeance on Parler, I don't want to support them... but I also don't have anything to replace an iPhone with. Parler might be operating their platform on the Ethereum network now which is a decentralized blockchain.

We see something similar with WhatsApp. They announced that they're going to share users data openly, and as a result- 25 million users moved to a competitor that doesn't sell and share their data.

The network effect with Apple seems unstoppable. I'm wondering if a company could ever compete. A company that offers the same quality, but with decentralized features, and more freedom.

I think people are starting to become sick of being controlled and abused by big tech. There are so many better options out there, but they don't carry the network effect. I see a huge demand in the market for decentralization and privacy.

Do you think anyone could compete with iPhone/Apple?
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