Do you think people are becoming paranoid over this new Whatassp terms and conditions?

Do you think people are becoming paranoid over this new Whatassp terms and conditions?
as I had seen many people, even people I know already migrating to other messaging platforms before Feb 8th. Or these new terms won't change anything cause our data is alreqady there on the internet regardless what type of app you install in your phone. Telegram owners aqre Russians and people believe they won't spy on people and won't collect our data for their business, then others say SIGNAL is much safer. I also heard Telegram had been use by some pedophile network some time ago. so I guess these pedophiles knew how to track personal info of their victims. There are many opinions over the matter that people are getting confused about this and becoming reallyh scare of what Whatsaspp will do with our personal information and share it to what kind of 3rd parties..

These are some opinions I had seen on different internet sites regarding this matter:

-Well you are uninstalling Whatassp but keeping Facebook, IG, etc which is the same thing, cause FB already had our data anyway.
-Our date is already all over the web anyway so what is the fear of accepting the new Whatassp terms
- Our banks, credit card companies, hospitals, IRS, Airports, Social security institutions, any public institution, even police departments, has already our address, phone numbers, credit information, how much we earn, what more public than that and nothing private. Even Google maps and Waze know where we live.
-The moment you have a smart phone the moment your personal info is out there cause to install apps they ask you for your phone numbers, name, etc
- Well this is matter of each individual responsability what things you share on social network and on the internet, like your everyday life, what you eat, photos of everything, your vacations location, your relatonship status, your private life, etc so people may use that date for who knows what. -
You are just a mortal ordinary person for these big companies to be interest in your lousy normal life.
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You re not a president of a company, some politicians or influential person, who may have confidential and private information that really could matter to a country -

If you dont like the ads that will pop up each time for business, you just delete them, do not activate them.
Im not giving Whatassp my privacy or see my text conversations, so screw them Im migrating cause they will use it for purposes I dont even know how. I need my privacy in my texts and the
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things I send These are some comments I had read but there are hundreds more of people who are migrating and those who are not. I mean people are becoming paranoid I am witnessing this.
Do you think people are becoming paranoid over this new Whatassp terms and conditions?
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