Any pepole good with tech? please help me?

So im 15 and my hs just gave us brand "New" chromebooks that we are required to use at school, mine takes almost 50 seconds to turn on, web browsing is VERY laggy and stutters, Even on my home wifi ( 1 gigabyte a second) my personal laptop can browze with 0 stutters or lag, the whole thing is so laggy it makes me want to punch something, It literally struggles with 1 tab, There is also like a 1-2 second delay when you type, You have to wait a second for it to recognize it, I looked up the exact model, Its a 500$ 2 core (2.8 GZHZ) and 8GB ram, no joke my 60$ phone literally is more smooth, The principle was literally bragging about the "latest and greatest chromebooks " they just bought, according to acer it is a 5 year old laptop and the bezils are very thick and its very fat, My school is not "Underfunded" Its actually one of the most richest schools in the state of Tennesee, They put a Sony - 85" class BRAVIA XR Z9J LED 8K UHD Smart Google TV in EVERY class room, For the teachers to teach with via teachers computer, But they already had a super expensive TV in every class that was amazing, Thats a 8,000$ TV and they send the old ones (that are 1 year old and hella amazing to a recyling plant), Each teacher also got a Apple 27" iMac with Retina 5K Display which is a 5,000$ computer, Even the classes that would not require a computer for any reason, the teacher still got a imac, My school only has around 1000 students, Enough with the ranting lol, So how do i make this bloody school chromebook run faster? ( i already cleaned cookies and use 1 tab and everything else)
Any pepole good with tech? please help me?
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