Do you take your time to reply back your mobile texts or phone calls or you always answer right away?

I mean like if someone texts you you could answer back like hours later or one or 2 days later, when it is not an urgent thing, you are in no rush to answer so right away, you are more relaxed on that subject.

What do you think of those people who do not like when a person takes time to answer as they expect the person to reply very soon?

My sister is like that and I hate that. Im not like her, I dont have my mobile glued to my body, maybe she does but im different. If it is not urgent I can text her back maybe hours later or one day after and she gets a little annoyed I take time to do it. I have an aunt also who is like that, she expects her sisters to answer her the moment she texts and if people do not answer her like so soon, she says people do not care what she texts or do nto care about her., cause it is not important what she says. How ridiculous is that!!!

I have a step sister who does not live with us and last Saturday she sent us a video of our little niece singing (I mean she is our niece but we do not see her often). I did watch the video but did not make a comment right away, my sister did make a comment right away after the video was sent cause I read it. My brother also watch the video and did not comment anythign either immediately. My plan was to answer my half sister today, just 2 days after she texted us the video. Well today early in the morning my sister texted me and my brother at the same time questioned or criticize us that "how was it possible that me or him did not comment anything about our niece singing right away the video was sent on Saturday", nagging about it to us. I mean the video was not an urgent matter to respond back, anyway I was going to answer but maybe today or tomorrow, but I dont like my sister to nag and question me that I dont do things like she does, immediately.
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I told my sister that I dont answer texts right away that I will comment on the video later on today then she answers me back like with a joke and told me "Ok, I know but expecting an answer from you a person can become an skeleton".

Sometimes I answer texts (not only to her to other people) like hours later or one day after
Do you take your time to reply back your mobile texts or phone calls or you always answer right away?
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