Is it really necessary to vent your personal problems on social media?

Do people who do that feel that lonely that they turn up to internet as social media is their only friend or they do to draw attention and pity? Is venting personal issues on social media or internet helpful to the person or not?

I for one never post personal issues over internet and I never tend to do it so. I keep my problems to myself and noone needs to know specially strangers.

I had seen many people who indeed they vent their personal problems (love, family, friends) over social media and ask for help. Some are even very deep issues. I mean why other people need to know my private life especially when I have problems? I sometimes wonder if they do it to feel important and they like people to feel pity for them and say "poor that person who is going through some hard times" .

I stumble on Instagram with a gay man who enjoys posting things (many things about his life) on social media, like that just some minutes ago who is going trhough some issues in his life and he vents what is going on in his life now, He wrote like a poem of what is going on in his life now and he said:

"Hello Im sorry for not been so active or present lately on my account (why apologize?) as I wish but I promise that the wait will pay off. Im living a process in which I had not experimented before and everything is very new to me, from songs, lyrics, phrases and compositiions. But I feel incredible grateful for everything that is going on despite of the uncertainty that I have at this current moment. The path is uncertain but Im sure that all effort and sacrifice will pay off!

After this guy wrote this, hundreds of comments start to pour in, comments like:
Im sorry you feel this way but God will lead you, or "I love you you were born like a heroe, keep going", You deserve everything good, my beautiful", "You are perfect as always", We are here always to support you, Keep looking for your dreams"
and much more comments.
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like this people who do not even know the guy wrote to him.

Do most people feel that lonely or shattered to the point of venting their issues on social media? I mean instead of ask for help to their family and friends (but not over social media and vent private issues)?

Im not a xenophobic person but this habit of posting personal or private issues on social media I had seen it with my own eyes more from gay guys than straight people. Liek I said Im not a xenophobic but it got me curious
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I seen this issue of posting private issues on social media coming from gay than straight. There are some straight who do it sure but I had seen it more from gays than straight and even more from gay guys than straight guys. Why is that? Just wonder and Im curious.
Is it really necessary to vent your personal problems on social media?
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