How to go outside to places more often when I am lazy?

I don’t have a car so taking the bus and train feels exhausting to me. I don’t have anyone to take with me.

I live in New York and will be moving out soon. I have lived here for years yet I never explored the city. Recently I heard someone say she moved here recently and has been exploring the city ever since.

I felt envious. I want to do that since I get free metrocard from my current school. I have two more months left of unlimited rides and I want to explore New York.

how do I motivate myself to travel / explore New York City?


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  • I feel the same.
    The only time I enjoy being outside is when I'm anywhere but here, because then I have that desire to explore something new.
    While here, I already seen everything so I have no incentive to go outside.

    Go to another state, country or even city.
    Or meet up with some friends to explore new areas of New York City. You should check out Stone Street

  • Buy a bike or download Pokemon go. That's what's helped me

  • I'll start looking online for must see's or do's in New York


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