Controversy over family vacation photos?

I absolutely love love love my parents. We travel, a lot. Generally beach type vacations and we do pretty much live at a camp ground this summer. I plan on going down south with them in March. With the amount of trips, my Facebook and especially my Instagram is filled with pictures, and 9/10 are of me in a bikini. It’s pretty much the only thing I wear on our trips. I’m very confident with my looks and love myself, so I feel extremely comfortable.

I have gotten a lot of criticism online about the photos, especially because my parents are in a lot of them. Would you block and stop the haters or just keep being yourself?


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  • I would keep being myself. Don’t look at what they say. Delete their comments without reading them. You need to understand there will always be haters , bc there will always be jealousy in this world. Think of it in that context , it may help ignoring the assholes.


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  • Hey Alyssa!

    Never stop being yourself! As we talked about before, I get a lot of criticism as well because I have a lot of pictures with bikini and sports wear. Whether you choose to block the haters is your call, but never stop being you. Its really unfair if they judge your pictures because of your parents, but if there was a guy with his shirt off on a camping trip with his parents, its no big deal. Double standards and such, but keep on being you!

    • Hey hey! I’m just soo tired of the judgment and criticism. We went on a smallish trip in December and I got a lot of it. Between that and getting my mom to calm down is like crazy!

    • 7d

      Yeah... so much crazy shit in the world but if a girl shows skin, everyone loses there shit. Thankfully my parents have relaxed a lot since, so I dont have to face them as much. All the judgement is kinda white noise for me at this point.

    • 7d

      I hope it dies down for me!

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  • i'd keep being myself.
    personally i don't like bikinis and like being a little modest when i'm with family, but you shouldn't let people get to you. if they keep commenting just block them.

    • @scorchedwater thanks for your input 😊 I absolutely love bikinis. It’s like my thing. It drives my mom crazy because she feels like I should be covered up more, especially when we are at the campground. My dad hasn’t ever commented either way. So it’s kinda how it is.

  • It is your life and you do with it what you want regardless of what others think as long as YOU are comfortable with it. You have to please yourself, not the others.

    You will soon enough not have the opportunity to live this kind of cool life. Make as many photos as you can and post them everywhere you want. It shows that you care, it shows that you are comfortable with the way things are with your parents and it shows that you have a personality.

    Never let others tell you how you have to live your life.

    In 20 years from now, when perhaps you have your own family, you will cherish every single picture you took and regret even more the ones you did not take.

    Life is not eternal and when time comes where the one or the other loved one is no longer there, you have all those memories to cherish. The more, the better

  • i would block them hell with them sounds like you have a blast on your trips


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