How safe do you feel taking Uber is?

I don't use Uber very much. The only time is a short distance from where I meet a friend at a train station ( in a major U. S. city) and then we go to and from the concert venue. There isn't really that much parking available near the venue and it isn't the greatest place to leave a car so it is a catch 22 on the safety part.

My daughter has had more bad experiences with Uber when she has gone with her boyfriend's family to and from a hotel to an event in a sister city than I've ever had in all the times I've used Uber. The last time I took it with my friend I was a bit unnerved when the driver took us through a dark alley way to get back to our car but I guess it was to avoid traffic but there was a second where I looked her and gave her the what do you think look? The only other weird thing was a man who showed up smoking cigarettes. My friend had some drivers that might have been under the influence.
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Lucked out last night and had two nice drivers. My friend took uber to meet me at the our meeting site and the woman driving worked at a school for children with severe behavior problems.
How safe do you feel taking Uber is?
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