How much of a difference did you notice when you moved?

I recently moved from The Poconos in PA to Myrtle Beach, SC and noticed ton of differences already.

1. Clothing choices. Even though the poconos is rural there's A LOT of people moving from new york so that influences dress taste. Down here though it seems everyone is wearing blue jeans like it's 2006

2. I have yet to see a single interracial couple. I don't think I've even seen people of different races hanging out. Almost all of my friends growing up were white even though I'm black and Chinese. So it's a bit weird to see the division

3. The weather. Yeah there's snow and ice rn up in Pennsylvania, it's warm here but that's to be expected

4. Groceries are cheaper. That was a pleasant surprise. I can remember the last time I saw something in a Walmart that cost less than 1 dollar up north

5. I see less pick up trucks here than where I was before. Didn't expect that

6. There's much more to do here. In the poconos everything is insanely sprawled out. Not to say Myrtle Beach isn't but you don't need to hop on the interstate to get from place to place

7. There are way less Hispanics. At least I think there are. I've seen some Mexicans but where I moved from and other parts heading south in PA you would CONSTANTLY see massive families of Puerto Ricans

8. People seem to want to talk more. People say hi to you while you're walking passed them. If you're in the mall people at kiosks will call out to you. People ask you about your personal life. It extends much further than a courtesy "hi how are you?" I'm not really used to it

9. There's alcohol everywhere. PA had some of the strictest liquor laws in the country before so you'd pretty much only see alcohol in a store specifically meant for it (excluding restaurants). The Poconos never caught up to the changes though

10. Houses look really different. You see a lot of Mediterranean houses or beach houses depending on how far from the water you are. In the poconos it was pretty much all cape cods and colonials
How much of a difference did you notice when you moved?
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