What age did you move out of your parents home?

Im almost there lol. Gosh i wanna quit my job so freakin bad cause they're about to give us mandatory OT at the end of February! That means up to 12 hour shifts again 😭 But the last time i quit my job without having a backup, i was jobless for 7 months. I DO NOT want to go through that again. I was hoping to have moved out between December-February. At this point im just hoping its before summer. I’ve saved 12 months rent but I can't decide where to move between TX and NC because neither of their employers are responding to my out-of-state applications :( I added up some bills and saw that I’m looking at nearly $700 worth of bills a month (not including rent) 😂🙈 yea I don't know what I did there but I need cable tv and thats like $200 alone. Im about to turn 25 and im just disappointed in myself for still being at home and also not already having been pregnant with baby #1. I definitely gotta be outta here THIS YEAR. What about you?
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What age did you move out of your parents home?
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I moved out but then i moved back in
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1 y
mom started buying on a house and expected me to take this over years from now. So she's been sabotaging my savings for years now to make me stay. I went to college at 18 but turned down the dorm to make $3k a semester in refunds. My 1st job was after college and i quit after 3 months. I had 2 degrees but no job exper and didn't get hired again for 7 mths. Im tryna move outta state 6-12 hrs away and saved 12 mths rent from new job but wanna get a New job first. Im tryin not to move back when pregn
1 y
Look i hate that cable tv is $120-220/mth but its not going anywhere. I grew up on cable singe age 2. I love it tooo much. I've been watching reality shows and sitcoms forever. So phone/cable/rent are the main bills i’ll cover no matter what. I can't let go of BET, ABC, FREEFORM, HBO, STARZ, CW, CBS, HGTV, E!, BRAVO, FX, SHOWTIME, LIFETIME, WETV, TEENICK, MTV, FOX and VH1 🙌 they NEED me. I legit have like 20 set shows i watch a week, THE NIGHT THEY PREMIERE live, all at 7-10pm. I have to DVR lol
What age did you move out of your parents home?
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