I think Portugal is better than Spain?

I like Spain but I think Portugal is more mysterious and intriguing. Spain to me looks like a place to just party while Portugal looks like a place with a deep culture and history.

Am I the only one that thinks this way?

Portugal has a longer history of existence as a country. They have a thousand year old alliance with England. They explored more diverse parts of the world than Spain like Asia, Africa, India. They explored a lot of the world before Spain, Britain, France, the Netherlands and brought tea from China to Britain, tempura to Japan, the alphabet to Vietnam... They are more melancholic than Spain and have a more deep and broody culture kinda like France. They also have better coffee and sweets. I just think they are more interesting than Spain but curious what other people think.
I think Portugal is better than Spain?
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I think Portugal is better than Spain?
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Here’s a picture of Madrid just so the choices feel more fairly represented... www.hotelinfantas.com/.../...-via-amaneciendo.jpeg
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I bring this question up because I’m interested in culture not just visiting the counties. When I go somewhere I like learning the local culture too and Portugal seems to have more interesting mysterious culture to me than Spain or at least much of Spain.
I think Portugal is better than Spain?
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