Have you ever been to Singapore?

Singapore is a nice place to visit, even some locals visited places like Orchard Road, Suntec City, Universal Studios, Trick Eye Museum, nice beaches. What I liked best is that not only Singapore serves Singaporean food, they have many others like Thai, Korean, Japanese, Western, Taiwan street snacks and many others. When it comes to beauty standards most of them find an average looking guy/girl to be attractive. While they considered slightly attractive guy/girl as very attractive. But there are still some people with high standards when it comes to beauty here. It’s not that common to find attractive locals here to be honest. Unless they dress nicely or wear makeup
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Halloween is coming this month. Singapore also celebrates Halloween by having some parties (which is rare), or having Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore. Due to COVID-19 it’s cancelled, making many fans disappointed. Do you celebrate Halloween? If not what do you think of Halloween?
Have you ever been to Singapore?
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