Where would I be more at risk to get infected with the virus if I go out : a house or a mall?

I mean in either place I will be wearing a facial mask, that is no doubt. I was invited to go over a lady`s house since July but with this virus I had waited a little to see how the state of the virus in my country if cases are increasing in certain areas or by this month already are stable and it is safer to go outside and visit people now and not 3 months ago since I was invited.

In my country most (not all) businesses are re-opened even gyms but all the business are just allow to function and operate with only 50% of capacity and clients in order to follow the social distancing well. Also we still in the country are not allowed to make parties with many people yet and being involved in crowded places eitehr, it is forbidden for the moment as well. So I was invited to this ladys house and Im thinking about doing it at the beginning of next month already. But I want to make sure what is safest for me to be. Inside this ladys house where there will only be a few people in her house and me wearing a mask or lfor instance if I go to a mall that even though a mall is a huge place and it is more an open place to walk and be distant from customers walking down the aisles and insides stores, still there will be more people around me than inside a house even if a house is a closed place. Like I said I be wearing my facial mask at all time. It is a promise I have to make to this lady to visit her as I already told her I will but when the health issue will settle a bit even if I told her that 3 months ago.
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The lady Im going to visit has not told me where we will meet if she wants me to go over her house or meet up at some coffee shop in her city. Im just assuming that if i go to a house it is safer than go to a coffee shop in the city. Also Im assuming that she wants me to go over her house is more intimate and more comfortable and I can stay longer hours with her talking than if I go outside
Where would I be more at risk to get infected with the virus if I go out : a house or a mall?
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