Any advice for passing a Driving Test? How many failures did you have and what’s your story?

Boy am I embarrassed to even be posting this BUT: today I miserably failed my road test and I can’t even think straight. I’ve been so upset, I can’t eat, sleep or smile. I’m 24 so it’s been such a goal of mine to get my license. I’ve been working pretty hard for it and I told so many people I was going today and I was pretty confident! I arrived to the exam with two other students. The both got the male examiner and passed beautifully. When it was my turn, I got the female with the sour puss on her face who had already failed 3 people before me. So right off the bat I had zero confidence. I pulled out, went to go into the left lane and a car zoomed passed me. She rolled her eyes and marked 5 points. I slowly turn left into the side street and she comments ‘you are making this horribly slow for me.’ I begin to shake, thinking she already has it out for me. I ace my parallel parking or so I hoped bc again, she continued to roll her eyes with every move I made. I’m about to turn left to do the rest of my exam when she SLAMS on the emergency break. I was so nervous and upset about her comments I blew a stop sign. Or so she says, I truly don’t remember there being a stop sign. She was so angry at me, she spit words of disgust the whole ride back to the exam site and then told me I didn’t deserve my license as I cried in apology. I was so ashamed the whole ride back, infront of the two other students and the instructor. Then having to tell family and friends, I cried. Imagine, 24 and having to get the emergency break used. So I guess here I am at 3AM asking for any and all advice. And even some of your road test stories. I’m so scared to go back, but I will be going back next month but at a different location. I can’t afford anymore driving classes right now so I’m going to just practice with my parents and take their car to the exam. But I’m so discouraged rn I kinda don’t even wanna go back.
Any advice for passing a Driving Test? How many failures did you have and what’s your story?
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