Any other off road riders here?

I've often talked about riding, horses, ATVs, SxS. I have a GoPro that I have used to record riding with but no longer do. It is boring to watch, better to ride. Takes hours to process and upload with cruddy rural internet.

This is a riding recording from 2019, and sure laugh it up... it was me riding to the pit toilet at the end from where we were camped. My oldest brother was behind me, as he insists I go first after I tipped over going up a big hill and he was in front and didn't know I had crashed and kept ongoing.

Big Brother guardian that he is. This second one is from 2020 when my vacation plans got ruined, covid shut everything down, ended up doing desert riding instead as it was March and not too hot. The social distancing last-minute backup vacation.

The desert riding one was in a SxS, we crossed the Arizona border into Utah, and Sand Hollow Is not too far away. You can see the mountain towards the end straight ahead.I absolutely love trail riding in the mountains, far more than rock crawling or dunes.

Any other riders out there? Any wannabe riders, who just haven't gotten around to it yet?
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Update for those who wanted to know how this is set up. On the SxS, I have a tablet mounted inside a water/dustproof Otterbox.

It has apps for trails on it, for new areas if needed, but it controls the GoPro so I see what it sees and can start, stop recording or take snapshots.

On the ATV, I have to lean over and manually press record or stop.
Any other off road riders here?
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