What do u guys think about the tusla police shooting of the black man?

Unforutntely im on the cop side. And against It

The black dude should have dropped to the floor and put his hands on his back dont move.

The guy in the helicopter shouldbe fired from his job he said this guy look like a bad dude. From what i know this guy car broke down. He is not supposed to judge just report. If you let ur own views affect ur job then u shouldn't be at that job. They could have solved this a another way? Take his legs out before he make sit to the car. Beat him with a night stick? I can't put all the blame on the cops sit down when cop are around. Treat cops like wild bears dont do any thing to startle them

I dont know if there's a fear of black people i know there's a hate of black people this country was build on that.

People who are 25 and down we shouldn't be racsit nor do i believe we are id say about 95% of us aren't. And then there just that small 5 % of weridos.

I dont wanna victim blame but we need to stop that crazy ness black people. Stop that violent behavior and thug gang life and drug promotion and start make more money the good money and decision pemote schooling and more positive things.

Everyone has stereotypes qe need to stop living up to ours becuase the people who don't live up to the sterotypes are getting caught in the crossfires.

U see the police fear or hate us dont give them a reason 2

Im uncle tom white loving black hating bigot
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The grammar and typos Sorry about that. I handed in a rough draft.

I was typing on my phone. Big thumbs sorry guys
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My views have changed since i sat down and read more but feel free to comment still
What do u guys think about the tusla police shooting of the black man?
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